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Security Auditing

Security Auditing

ESSPL can perform third party security audits at the premises level and inform security laps and unfocused security threats to their clients.
Global security audits for Pakistan – evaluation of existing installations and security operations, improved methods and use of resources – personnel, systems, policies and procedures. We consider organizational implications, training needs and handbooks/procedural manuals.
We assess the existing, proposed and/or planned structure, comment on current terms and conditions and agreements. We will undertake a risk assessment and assess the effectiveness of existing measures. We then make recommendations for amended/improved or new measures, including budgetary and cost control factors. Typically this exercise will include:
• Assessment of existing, proposed or planned security requirements
• Comment on current terms and conditions and agreements
• Revision and recommendations
• Budgetary and cost control
• Cost effective use of available resources
• Business plan initiatives and formulation
• Project management programme development/control
• Inspection, conformity to specification and quality control factors
All tasks are detailed, brief defined and budgets agreed with the Client.

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